About Diane


My mother says I taught myself to read when I was four years old. I don’t know about that (I think I just memorized the words), but I do know that books are my lifelong passion, and working as an editor/author is my greatest joy.

Here’s the truth about me. I love what I do. You can read about my background and experience below, and that’s important. But the most important thing for you to know is that I love what I do since that makes me want to produce only excellence, and that attitude will benefit you.

These are some books I’ve edited. You can see what the authors say about me on Amazon:




The publishing industry is changing and growing, and it’s offering a world of opportunities to authors of all kinds. Whether my authors wanted to share a journey they lived through or some business concepts that would help build  people’s businesses, they’ve all had something to say and a strong motivation to say it, and they all wanted to say it with excellence. I know the same thing is true for you.

Do you have a serious desire to create a book of superior quality so you can share your knowledge, ideas, and feelings with others? If so, that’s where I come in.

The best editors care deeply about expressing your message in your voice while recognizing the weaknesses in your writing and offering solutions. They teach you to recognize and build on your strengths. You learn how to express your ideas to most effectively reach and communicate with your readers.

You may know this already, but let me repeat it: Content is still king. Of course, you won’t create a best-seller without doing marketing of some kind, but no amount of marketing will create success for an incoherent, badly edited product—at least not for long.

As an editor, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients to create polished products that gave them great pride and joy. I’ve worked with well-known clients and award-winning  clients, but the greatest satisfaction I have EVERY TIME is exceeding their expectations and leaving them with a book or other product they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

I was the developmental editor for Sue Pighini’s book, Expect the Extraordinary. Here’s what she says about me:

Literary Editor Extroadinaire. My very trusted and brilliant editor who has encouraged   me when I was lost and chastised me when I was lazy.


For me, the fulfillment that comes from editing (whether it’s developmental editing, substantive editing, or copy editing) is unmatched except by authoring my own books. That’s why I divide my time between those two activities.

I’ve ghostwritten over 50 books and written several under my own name. It’s a great combination. Writing helps me understand what authors go through, and editing helps me understand what readers need. Together, they give me insights about perfecting the creative process that very few people have developed.

This array of skills and talents is what I have to offer you. All of my tools will contribute to you becoming the best writer you can be.

Diane’s Stats

To make the picture complete, here are a few facts about me:

  •  BA, MA, PhD in English Literature/Writing, University of Illinois
  • MBA, concentration in Marketing, Rutgers University
  • Over 10 years college teaching experience
  • Over 15 years business experience AT&T, Sprint, Experian, etc.
  • Extensive business and general writing experience.
  • Extensive experience managing a variety of groups.

Believe it or not, all this experience has come together to develop a critical eye, one that will work for you. I was Andrew’s substantive/copy editor. Here’s what he says:


Truly incredible to work with. Diane did an amazing job and provided extremely high quality work. She was responsive, ahead of schedule, and went above and beyond what was required to assist and provided great feedback. I can’t say enough about what an excellent job she did and I would highly recommend her. – Andrew B


It’s been my joy to be of service to all my clients, and it would be my pleasure to offer you my professional support and critical eye in creating the book you dream of.

So, here’s the question. Are you ready to let me help you bring your writing from good to great? If so, please click the link.