Is this the year you finally

– write your book?
– reach your audience?
– make your business thrive?

There has never been a more exciting time to be an author. And authors have never had so many ways to go from idea to published.

One thing is still true.

Everyone needs an editor.

Whether you are embarking on the great adventure of writing your first book or you are a well-known and successful author of many books, you need an editor. This is one thing the best writers all agree on.

But finding the right editor is not something you take lightly. You’ve put so much time, effort, thought, and emotion into your project. Now you want someone who will help you put the finishing touches on it so you can present it to the world as a shining representative of you.

I understand. I’m a writer myself. I’ve ghostwritten nearly 50 ebooks and countless articles and posts. So I understand from the inside out all that goes into creating work you are proud of. That’s why I always edit with two major goals in mind:

I will honor your message and voice as an author
I will communicate your message to readers in the clearest, most effective way.

re’s my promise to you.

I will listen, really listen to your desires, dreams, and goals for your project. It starts and ends with you. Then, I will deliver

Prompt, courteous interaction and delivery
Skilled, thoroughly explained changes
An understanding of readers’ expectations
A finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.